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"According to Aly" was initially created in September of 2016 as a publication focusing on all things fashion. As a fairly recent New York City transplant, I had found myself torn away from my uniform of high-waisted denim short shorts and crop tops (shoes optional), the beach, my family, and pretty much perfect weather year round. What I was faced with instead was bitter winters, humid summers, people everywhere - like, literally, personal space is not a thing here  - and, well.... a lot of style and fashion inspiration.

Enter: my (short lived) modeling career, the creation of this website, and my "influencer" focused Instagram platform. When I started out, the goal was to have some fun, gain a few followers, express my personal style, and yeah sure...hopefully make a little money along the way. 

A year later, I have realized that I have been given an opportunity to influence so much more than just outfits of the day, style advice, and what shoes really go best with that jacket. Yes, style is an incredible form of creativity that allows men and women alike to express themselves every day, and I hold steadfast to that message. But this journey for me has opened up my eyes to so much more in terms of creative outlets -  (trying to) learn photography and editing, rediscovering my passion for writing, and not to mention meeting a lot of really awesome and talented people along the way.

So yes, "According to Aly" will continue to be a fashion focused blog (with a dash of sarcasm and sass of course), but as I have grown personally, I hope to share more of that growth with all of you and become a source of confidence and inspiration in ways that don't necessarily directly relate to the clothes on your back. 

Welcome to "According to Aly" version 2.0.