32-24-34: New York Fashion Week, BTS

As Drake would say...."Sorry for the wait." I know you have all been absolutely dying to know where the heck I have been (not too hard to figure out if you follow my Instagram, but I digress)... I admit, I have been a bit off the map lately when it comes to this site. But I promise I have a good excuse! 

As I've mentioned in a couple of my previous posts, this site was set out by me not only to chronicle my outfits and "looks," but also to document my experiences in the fashion capital of the country as an aspiring model. And with New York Fashion Week having just ended, I've been a bit busy, to say the least. 

There have been countless blog posts and published articles alike across the inter-web written about the modeling industry. About the extreme standards for weight loss, horror stories about 15 year old girls in model houses, the unfair treatment of models as a whole and the lack of fair industry practices when it comes to compensation. I could make this another podium for such topics, and I wouldn't be lying. But you've heard all that before. And it's (largely) true, from my experience. Not the modeling houses (I'm not 15, so very possibly true, but I can't say first hand), but the rest of it...yes, pretty much true. I did drop about 20 lbs, 2 sizes, and a few inches off my hips and waist for fashion week. I am still, in fact, waiting for payment from one of the shows I walked in. I did feel like a member of a herd of cattle more than a human being several times during castings as well as pre-show madness, rehearsals, etc. But again, that's not really the point of this article. 

Okay Aly, we get it...so what is the point? 

Getting there. 

For weeks leading up to February 9th, the first day of NYFW, my days were absolutely insane. Between working a full time job during the day, castings all over the city that gave me sometimes a day, sometimes an hours notice, fittings, working out 2-3 times a day, and meeting with my agency to "work on my walk" and perfect my portfolio and comp card for prospective designers, I didn't even have time to remember my own name. 

The point? It was absolutely exhausting, mentally and physically- brought me to actual physical tears more than once after being rejected (countless) times - but honestly? So, so much fun, and so worth it. 

Yes, I obsessed over my weight and my measurements (no, 32 - 24 -34 are not my actual measurements. I'm 6 feet tall. I wish). Yes, I was being constantly compared to other girls with years more experience than myself. And yes, I did contemplate giving up on the whole thing several times. But by the end of fashion week, I had walked in 4 amazing shows, met countless creative and fabulous people; models, designers, photographers, makeup artists, and the like; and most importantly, I had the experience of a lifetime that allowed me to express myself in another creative way. I chalk that up as a win. 

I'm a big fan of trying new things, putting yourself out there, and above all else - never letting the fear of failing or someone saying "you're too old" or "you're not thin enough" or whatever other qualifiers others project onto you as a reflection of their own securities....let you shy away from something. So what if you fail? At least you tried. And try I did! And guess what? I'm even more excited for NYFW 17, fall season. 

You better watch your back Kendall, I'm comin' for ya ;) 

Check out some images from the various shows I had the pleasure of walking in below! 

 Walking for  Adrian Alice a - Thursday, 2/9

Walking for Adrian Alicea - Thursday, 2/9

Adrian Alicea NYFW 17
adrian alicea nyfw 17 backstage
 Walking for  Sumy Kujon,  at Pier59 Studios, 2/14

Walking for Sumy Kujon, at Pier59 Studios, 2/14

sumy kujon nyfw 17 aly geppert
 Backstage shots for Sumy Kujon! 

Backstage shots for Sumy Kujon! 


What was your Fashion Week experience like? Whether you flew to NY to attend as an influencer, streamed from home, or also partook in the runway, would love to hear your feedback and thoughts!