Botkier Holiday Campaign 2017

botkier holiday still shot aly geppert.jpeg

Back in October, I had the immense pleasure of being cast to model in Botkier's holiday campaign for 2017. As you guys know from my previous posts, I am absolutely obsessed with the Botkier brand, and this experience was truly a treat. 

With a call time of 6:00 AM on the Brooklyn Bridge, we spent a 12 hour day at 6 different locations throughout Brooklyn, shooting both video as well as still shots. By 6:00 PM, I was both physically and mentally exhausted, while simultaneously floating above the clouds with adrenaline and more creatively inspired than ever before. Every single person involved - from the production team (Supply NYC you guys are AMAZING), to the photographers and videographers, to the fantastic marketing team for Botkier -  was an absolute dream to work with. 

Check out the full campaign video below, as well as a few still shots...and of course definitely check out the new collection on their website!