Good Girl Gone Plaid

Okay guys. So it's currently October 10th, aka prime PSL season for all you basic bitches out there (jk, kinda), and it is 76 degrees and sunny as I type this. Honestly... ignoring the fact that this is Mother Nature's clear way of telling us to stop f*****ng sh** up on her planet, I'm really not mad. In case I haven't mentioned it before (okay, like at every given opportunity) I am from California. Californians don't do cold. This weather is completely a-ok with me. 

That being said, I have decided to do a little blog series on some of my favorite outfits from what I am officially dubbing "fake fall." Original AF, I know. 

In case you live under a rock/don't have internet access/social media, the ShopBop sale was last week, and my wallet is not too happy about it. One of my fav items I snagged is this amazing plaid dress which both reminds me of my Catholic School days as well as allows me to pretend like I'm Blair Waldorf ...well, more so than I usually do anyway. 

I paired it with some patent leather booties from Lulu's  to add a little edge - I've linked a similar pair down below the post for you to shop! 

Happy fake fall bitches! 

All images and photography by Lisa Richov

plaid dress alygepz.jpg
aly geppert good girl gone plaid.jpg
aly gepz according to aly.jpg

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