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— The 5th

Okay, so, remember (despite trying to black it out from my memory) that phase a couple of years ago where Michael Kors Watches were the must-have item? As in, I had literally 8-9 various rhinestoned, gold-painted, over-priced MK watches on rotation, all of which were far too gaudy and large in size to be anywhere close to fashionable. Yeah, I told you I tried to black it out. 

Recently though, the fashion and accessory Gods have been on our side. Enter: the massive influx of a zillion different timepiece brands, all with sleek, chic, more simplistic designs that are much more suitable for the modern fashionista. Seriously though, it seems like every day I see a new brand pop up, promising superior quality and style. And props to them! 

After much searching and research and sifting through the many timepiece and lifestyle brands out there, I finally stumbled upon the holy grail: The 5th. 

The 5th has a variety of product lines, all chic and stylish (more details on that later), but one of the things that really sets them apart is their exclusive sales model. "Exclusive by time, not by price" is not just their slogan, it really is true. On the 5th of each month, the brand opens their (figurative/virtual) doors, and their products are available for only - you guessed it - 5 days. Miss the boat and you're waiting until next month to get your coveted watch/bag/pair of sunnies. And honestly? It's worth the wait. 

The 5th is not only a watch company, but also boasts product lines in the bag/backpack space, sunglasses, and the cutest journals I've ever seen. 

When it comes to watches though, there is no shortage of selection, and I can honestly say that every single line is gorgeous. With a minimalistic, analog style, each line is named after a major city: Tokyo, Melbourne, and of course... New York.

My personal favorite of the bunch is The SoHo - super simple and chic, and with it's easy to swap out straps (the piece comes with one pink and one grey strap), it literally goes with just about anything. Needless to say, I've been wearing it non-stop since I received it. 

At only $150, this beautiful timepiece is totally reasonably priced. The rest of their pieces range from $95 -$150 - shockingly affordable, right?? And they don't keep their prices low by cutting corners on quality - the leather is exceptional and each piece is carefully crafted to last and last..and keep up with your busy and active lifestyle. 

Instead, the 5th does things the right way - by cutting out the middle man and selling directly to you. Win, win, win, win WIN. 

Another personal fave from their product lines is The Essential, a super trendy and functional backpack that I cannot get enough of. The leather is again super high quality, and this bag is absolutely perfect for a city girl like me. It fits everything I need, looks cute, and I don't end up with a backache by the time I get home from lugging a tote around all day. Yessssss, please! 

This bag is also incredibly reasonably priced at $110! As if you needed more convincing. 

So, mark your calendars people! January 5th is their next release date, and you do not want to miss out on this opportunity to join the 5th fam. Whether it's a Valentine's gift for your S/O, a belated Christmas gift, or just something for yourself, this brand is a must-have for your accessory collection. 


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This post was sponsored by The 5th and contains affiliate links, but all opinions are 100% my own :)