'Twas the Night Before NYFW...

aly geppert

About a week ago, I rewrote my About Me page, promising myself and my readers that this website would not only continue to serve as a source of style inspiration and a collection of outfits and daily looks but also aim to inspire confidence in women (and men!) on a larger scale. 

I spoke (okay, typed) about how this .....blogging/influencing/whatever the hell we're calling ourselves these days.... journey has inspired me creatively beyond just styling and fashion. 

So, here we are. 1:00 AM on the first night of New York Fashion Week, and I spent the entire day (outside of my day job, of course) on Instagram, editing photo after photo in Lightroom using a zillion different presets, posting, deleting, reposting, obsessing..... all to get that perfect "cohesive aesthetic" that is so highly sought after in the fashion blogging/Instagramming world. Like, you guys, I am not exaggerating when I say that I spent close to eight hours on this shit. 

And you know what the most ridiculous part of it all was (is)? I was trying to emulate other bloggers feeds. Forget finding my own creative voice, I wanted my feed to look just like the "big bloggers." THAT would be the ticket to countless new followers, opportunities with big brands, and you know, pretty much complete and utter life happiness.

In the wise words of Cher Horowitz... "AS IF."

With NYFW about to swallow us all whole (or so it seems), I find myself lying here restless, unsure if my feed is good enough, unsure if I'm good enough. Will I have the right outfits for the right shows? Why wasn't I invited to that kick off party I'm seeing on "everyone's" stories? Am I ever going to be able to compete with the ruthless competition that is the fashion world in New York City? SHOULD I JUST DELETE MY INSTAGRAM NOW AND GIVE UP FOREVER?

I think you get my point.

And then I remember that promise I made to myself recently. Write more. Create more. Don't focus so much on what others are doing, channel some of that energy into your own unique voice. 

I have been through a lot of personal changes recently, and without getting into too much gritty detail, I can honestly say that I have grown more in the past 5 months than I could have imagined. Part of that growth is realizing when obsessing over how I look (IRL or post photo edit) becomes just that - an obsession. I started this journey because I truly believe style is an expression of creativity, a way for us to show our personalities, moods, and the like on a day to day basis. Not to compare myself to others. There will always be healthy competition in this industry, that's not changing any time soon... but the key word there is healthy. And the way I see it, that's a good thing! Here's to hoping I remember that tomorrow when I'm staring at my feed and counting my "likes."

So with that, my friends, I wish you all a goodnight, a fantastic and enjoyable fashion week, and hopefully a little inspiration and reminder that this whole thing is supposed to be you know, like, fun.

Now, what am I going to wear tomorrow.....?