Welcome to the (Concrete) Jungle: My Blogging Journey Begins


Wow- I'm finally doing it! After weeks of struggles and pushing various buttons on my computer, causing me to resemble a gorilla trying to use a typewriter, I finally caught up to the rest of my species in terms of brain evolution and got this thing live!

First, let me just say: blogging is a LOT harder than it looks. Between choosing a domain name, to choosing a "theme," to installing said theme, then to actually curating content and pulling it all together in a nice pretty layout with a bow on top...I gotta hand it to all of you full time bloggers, this sh** is no joke! Totally worth it though, and I've never been so excited to join this awesome community of women. Okay, enough "girl power" for one post. I'm making myself nauseous.

Anyway, hi. If you haven't put it together by now, my name is Aly. This is my blog. Poke around my "About" section, and you will find some pretty fun nuggets of information on me and, more importantly, what this blog will be.

This past weekend, I was lucky enough to work with the incredibly talented Scott Griffin (follow him @smartscott) and get some really cool shots all over Chelsea and downtown Manhattan. Another thing that's harder than it looks - modeling. I was a Division I athlete in college and I can honestly say that traipsing around the city for a day, posing from wall to wall is definitely in contention for most exhausting days of my life. Also totally worth it though. Just keeping it real.

Now for the actual "fashion" part.  I absolutely LOVE this casual fall look - distressed Levis, lace up combat boots by Asos, sweater and choker by NastyGal, jacket by Tobi, and bag by Michael Kors. Soon, I will know enough about how to work this thing so that I can make this look "shoppable." For now though, just do yourselves a favor and hop on over to the aforementioned sites and score yourself some killer loot, and thank me later.

I'm a complete sucker for distressed jeans, chokers, and combat boots (what's in a name...?), so you know I'll be rocking these staple pieces in various ways allllllll season long.


PS: I swear my hair isn't blonde. Although after seeing this magic, I just might consider it....

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