#WestCoastBestCoast: 5 Reasons Why California is Better than New York (and everywhere else, basically)

Regardless of where you hail from, I think we can all agree that there is a general understanding that there are two places in the United States that are considered the most desirable: California (take your pick - SF Bay Area, LA, San Diego, or anywhere in between) and New York City...sorry Middle America, you can go shave your back now. 

In all seriousness though, the East Coast vs. West Coast debate is one that can be traced back to our very forefathers...or at least back to the 90's. Just ask Tupac and Biggie. 

Well, you're in luck. I am here to settle the argument once and for all. Having been born and raised in California - from the Bay Area all the way down to beautiful San Diego - and now currently residing in what some people consider the best city in the world (yes, I'm referring to Manhattan), I have always considered myself to be a pretty well informed, unbiased source of wisdom on this topic. I've been throwing up W's at Ice Cube and Snoop Dogg  concerts for as long as I can remember now (okay, fine...twice...Coachella 2012 and 2016...), but have always felt it fair to give New York a chance. I mean I do live here after all, and don't get me wrong - NYC certainly has its perks, especially in the fashion world. After my most recent visit home this Thanksgiving though, there is no more argument. California is and always will be hands down, unarguably, incontrovertibly better and more desirable than...well....pretty much anywhere. 

"But Aly, how can you be so sure? Manhattan is the greatest city in the world! You're just biased because you're from Califorrnia" you may be saying to yourself. The answer is simple: I brought my Manhattan born and bred boyfriend with me this time, and I nearly had to pay him to get on that plane back to New York. To be clear - New Yorkers are literally genetically wired to believe that there is no place better than their beloved city, and this guy was begging for us to move back west as soon as physically possible. I would say I rest my case, but that would be a pretty boring argument. So, let's break down the multitude of reasons why the West Coast truly is the best coast, shall we?


1. Do I even need to list this one? The California sunshine/weather in general cannot be beat.  Yes, that is a slinky tank with a cute bralette peeking through. And what's that tied around my waist? A jacket you say? Because it is comfortably warm but not suffocatingly, stickily hot like it gets in NYC? I swear, New York has exactly two days of nice weather a year. This photo was taken in the middle of San Francisco. Just before sunset. On November 29th. I'll just let that sink in. 

2. While we're on the subject of weather and sunshine, let's talk about sunsets. In New York, they're hard to come by. A thousand skyscrapers and a smog layer thicker than Nicki Minaj's ass tend to have that effect, I guess. In California though, "chasing sunsets" is actually a real thing, and after a few days witnessing one of these babies, you'll understand why. 

3. Beaches. I know, I know -- "there's lots of beaches in New York! Haven't you ever been to the Hamptons?!" Yes, I have. No, they're not the same. See, on the east coast, there's lots of rules and frankly, far too much effort and planning required to really make going to the beach worthwhile unless you're planning a whole weekend around it. Take the ferry to the train to the subway to the helicopter to the beach where you probably have to pay to get onto the actual sand anyway and you definitely can't bring your dog? No thanks. I'll drive the absolutely gorgeous 20 minutes through the Santa Cruz hills and plop right down on the sand (again, at the end of November) while my pup tires himself and my boyfriend out. 

4. As previously mentioned, the east coast has a lot of rules, regulations, and fines that are just pretty excessive in my opinion. Have you ever tried to drive from New Jersey to Connecticut without paying your month's salary in tolls? Good luck. Dogs on the beach? Preposterous! Meanwhile, over in the best state ever, not only were we able to drive from SF to Santa Cruz (Google Map it if you have no idea what I'm talking about) without paying a single dime on tolls or fees, but once we got there the dog was off leash, having the time of his life. I won't even go into the whole Proposition 64 thing.

5. The stereotypes are real. People are genuinely nicer in California than in New York. Personally, I attribute it to the aforementioned #4, but that's just me. The above photos were taken by a random stranger enjoying the sunshine and barking seals at Pier 39 in  San Francisco. In New York, I wouldn't dare drop my phone on the ground in front of a stranger on accident, much less let them use it, voluntarily! 

I swear, my serotonin levels were significantly higher for the last week than they have been since, well...last time I was in California. 

Anyway, gotta go... I'm back in New York now which means rules to follow, people to shove out of my way, and deadlines to meet ;) Until next time, kiddos!


What are your thoughts on the East vs West coast debate? What are some of your favorite things to do in either location? Would love to hear your feedback! (Note: this article contains satirical statements and jokes that are not intended to insult any location, opinions, etc... please don't take me or yourselves too seriously)